Our Mission

Following the example of Jesus

all who come to St. Brendan Catholic Church 

are treated with respect and dignity

regardless of their limitations,

race, color, creed or manner of living. 

Each person created is a masterpiece,

formed by God,

the Father of all. 

By our attitude and acceptance,

as we are accepted by God,

we provide a place

where all can know love. 

With all we do flowing from our belief in the

presence of Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament,

we know the Heart of Love

and enable others to know Him as well. 

Aware of God’s deep compassion for the sick and suffering,

we use our talents

to build up the Body of Christ

bringing strength to our living

by our mutual support and affirmation. 

In our service of the Holy Church and each other

we not only “give”

but are offered many opportunities to “receive”. 

We, as a parish rooted in Jesus,

truly believe His words:

“as often as you did it for the least of my people,

you did it for me.”