Staff Member: John Harvey

John Harvey

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John Harvey is our third and most recent Deacon and has been at St. Brendan’s for one year. Born in Brooklyn, he has been married for 41 years to his wife Donna. He has 3 children (all of whom graduated from Georgia Southern University) and 5 grandchildren.

After receiving his undergraduate degree from Gannon College in Erie, PA, John spent the next five years working as a musician in New York (guitar, piano and vocals). During his business career, he has worked with various corporations such as Xerox, Digital Equipment and First Data; he retired as SVP of Sales at Equifax Corporation in Atlanta, GA. He completed a graduate degree in Theological Studies at Spring Hill College and spent an additional 5 years of study to become a deacon. He was ordained in Atlanta in 2015.

John knows that God called him to serve as a Deacon many times over the years, but he was too busy raising a family and working to heed Him. One day at graduate school, the realization that Christ, God and eternity are real brought him to his knees praying for guidance and led him to finally listen and follow the Call.

John said: “Becoming a Deacon is far better than I ever dreamed it could be.” At Mass, when the priest consecrates the Body and Blood of Christ, he feels like he is experiencing a glimpse of Heaven. He loves working with people. In Atlanta he worked with couples to be married, performed baptisms, was spiritual advisor to the Knights, St. Vincent de Paul and a men’s group and was invited to teach at a school for formation of deacons (at St. Brendan’s he hopes eventually to be able to help in a similar way). He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, and is in school to become a spiritual director. He is also trained in the field of human trafficking and hopes to be able to educate the parish in that regard.

In John’s words: “Becoming a Deacon requires a special calling from God that requires an active prayer life as a foundation. To understand the world of a deacon, I would encourage anyone to approach Deacon Fred, Deacon Gene or myself and we would be delighted to help with both the inquiry and discernment.

Thank you, thank you thank you to the people of St. Brendan’s for allowing Donna and me to feel so welcome. If there is ever a time when I can help with a hospital visit, prayer or plain old conversation, I would be honored to be asked and to help.”

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